How Lazy Oaf made £4.2K in net profit through ProtectMyOrder over Christmas

Idries Erfan


of their customers purchase ProtectMyOrder


generated in net profit through ProtectMyOrder over Christmas (on track to generate ~£30-40K per year)

The history

Lazy Oaf was founded by Gemma Shiel from a North London Garage in 2001. It is a design-led lifestyle brand with a history of doing things their own way. What started with hand-printed T-shirts sold from a stall in East London has now become an established independent brand, celebrating creativity, collaboration and community

The problem

  • Business profitability: The Lazy Oaf team are trying to make the business more efficient and profitability is a key area they are trying to improve
  • Trust: They wanted both UK and international customers to feel more secure when buying products from their website

The solution

Lazy Oaf decided they wanted to start upselling delivery protection to their customers at checkout

How it works

  • For a small additional fee consumers can opt in to ProtectMyOrder. The protection promises a premium level of customer service with faster resolutions if a customer has a delivery issue
  • They still resolve all delivery claims themselves
  • They keep 91% of the delivery protection revenue

Simple setup process:

  • They installed the Shopify app and ProtectMyOrder setup the widget on a draft theme
  • The widget was then pushed out to the live theme and they quickly started getting tangible results.
  • Setup was complete within a few hours

Here is what the widget looks like in their cart: 

The results

  • £4.2K in net profit over the Christmas shopping period (to put that into perspective, this is equivalent to £42K in product revenue)
  • Lazy Oaf is on track to generate £30K - £40K per year in net profit through the app
  • 51% of their customers purchase ProtectMyOrder, signalling a huge vote of confidence in the value of this added service
  • Helped UK and especially international customers feel more secure when ordering
  • No increase in the number of delivery issues/claims made by consumers
  • No customers trying to game compensation through opting in to ProtectMyOrder
  • No customer complaints

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