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Delivery problems ruin online shopping. Get compensated quickly if your order gets lost, damaged or stolen. Has a merchant not adhered to their ProtectMyOrder policy?

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How it works

You purchase protection at checkout

Delivery issue

Your package is stolen from your front garden! You contact the merchant’s customer service asking for help

The ProtectMyOrder promise - a hassle free delivery experience

Merchants offering ProtectMyOrder have committed to providing a secure and hassle-free delivery experience

  • Wider coverage & faster compensation: Traditional merchant policies may not cover all delivery mishaps, such as theft. Waiting for a courier resolution can drag on (sometimes for over 30 days). With ProtectMyOrder, merchants provide broader coverage and a swift refund or reship
  • Prioritisation: Your issue is bumped to the top of the queue
  • Mediation: If you believe a merchant has not adhered to the ProtectMyOrder service guarantees you can report them to us here. If we side with the you, the merchant will be asked to provide compensation. If the merchant does not compensate you, they will not be able to use ProtectMyOrder until they do so.

Full details on the ProtectMyOrder promise are here

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Delivery doesn't always go as planned

Orders get stolen or lost

1 in 10 people had an order lost or stolen from 2021-2022 in the UK. Why play roulette with your online purchases?

Orders get damaged

This Evri driver took a photo of a parcel in mid air as “proof of delivery” ... It’s no surprise that almost nine million UK shoppers have received a damaged online order