Build trust at checkout while boosting profit

ProtectMyOrder builds shopper trust. You promise to give your customers a premium service in the case of delivery issues. Keep 80% of the revenue and increase your store's profit margin by 15%

55% of consumers buy ProtectMyOrder
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Powering customer-centric brands

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62% of consumers purchase protection
£400k profit per year
Equivalent to £4m of product revenue
50% of consumers purchase protection
£440k profit per year
Equivalent to £2m of product revenue
44% of consumers purchase protection
£196k profit per year
Equivalent to £1.8m of product revenue
54% of consumers purchase protection
£114k profit per year
Equivalent to £1m of product revenue
54% of consumers purchase protection
£195k profit per year
Equivalent to £1.9m of product revenue
72% of consumers purchase protection
£35k profit per year
Equivalent to £400k of product revenue
76% of consumers purchase protection
£50k profit per year
Equivalent to £500k of product revenue

How it works

Merchant agrees to the ProtectMyOrder promise

By using ProtectMyOrder you as the merchant agree to adhere to the ProtectMyOrder promise

Customer buys protection

A customer pays £1 for ProtectMyOrder at checkout (you keep £0.80, our fee is £0.20)

Delivery issue

The package is stolen from their front garden! They contact your customer service asking for help

Prioritised and premium service

The customer is bumped to the top of the customer service queue and offered a fast reship. The exact details are on the ProtectMyOrder promise.


If a consumer feels you haven’t met the minimum service, they can open a case with ProtectMyOrder

Generate profit

regardless of how many delivery issues you have

Enter your store's info
Orders per year
Average order value
Net profit margin
£19,772 profit per year from collected protection fees
  • Assuming a 55% opt in rate and a £0.79 average protection charge
  • 50,000 x 55% x £0.79 = £21,725 profit per year
  • Our fee is 19.99% = £1,953
  • Your profit after our fee = £19,772
8% increase in net profit
  • Assuming a 10% net profit margin and £2,500,000 revenue per year
  • £21,725 / ( £2,500,000 x 10% ) = 9% increase
1,710% ROI
  • Assuming ProtectMyOrder costs £1,200 per year for 50,000 orders
  • ( £21,725 - £1,200 ) / £1,200 * 100 = 1,710% increase

Set up takes 9 clicks of your mouse

9 clicks of your mouse to get set up. 0 cost for 14 days. Live within 1 hour. And that’s only half of it. Full details can be found on the trial to end all trials

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Consumers are worried about delivery issues

Package left in safe place
A Gif showing a delivery driver throwing a parcel
19 million
parcels went missing in the UK in 2022
of consumers opt in to pay for ProtectMyOrder
60+ million
consumers will see the ProtectMyOrder upsell this year
leave negative reviews after one bad delivery experience
Avoid harmful reviews like these
Cut negative reviews by 8.8%
Poor delivery experience is the number 1 reason for bad reviews
Install app in less than 10 minutes
Our team will be there to help every step of the way, no coding required
Improve customer delivery experience
Delivery problems ruin online shopping. Give your customers peace of mind
What merchants say
“I was live literally within 5 minutes of the start of the call and we’ve already increased our net profit by 10% with checkout conversion remaining exactly the same as before. Easiest win of 2023”
Founder of My Breeches
62% opt in rate
£1,540 profit per month
0% impact on conversion

Frequently asked questions

How will my customers react to ProtectMyOrder?

We have found between 45-73% of consumers in the UK will opt in to delivery protection. Fundamentally, consumers want peace of mind when ordering online. These are some of the reasons why consumers will purchase delivery protection:

1. They live in an area or type of housing (apartment block) where parcel theft is common
2. They do not trust delivery companies. Eg. Their local Evri driver has caused delivery issues in the past
3. They have had bad experiences with online merchants in the past and find it difficult to trust new brands
4. International shoppers are worried about delivery. Since Brexit, international shoppers purchasing from the UK have had delivery issues  

Some consumers decide they do not want to purchase delivery protection. These customers shrug their shoulders at ProtectMyOrder, saying it doesn’t impact their perception of the product.

Most consumers liken it to Trainline offering ticket insurance, or event tickets offering ticket protection.

For a full report on consumer response, download our white paper to see how other businesses have succeeded with order protection

How will this look on my store?

The widget is completely customisable to your website’s look and feel. You can change the icon, the name of the upsell, all colours and any text on the widget, and pop up.

If you aren’t sure what style will work best, you can a/b test different options.

We recommend using a 3rd party logo like ProtectMyOrder logo as it signals more trust than your own logo might. In the same way that Trustpilot (where you can’t hide bad reviews) signals more trust than a merchant’s hand picked selection of 5 star reviews.

If you would like to use our technology but use your own name like "Order Protect", this is entirely possible in settings.

Is this insurance?

No, ProtectMyOrder is not insurance. ProtectMyOrder is a premium customer service solution that you offer to your customers.

Customers that don’t purchase ProtectMyOrder are still able to claim. However, the claims process might take longer and be less generous than if they had purchased ProtectMyOrder.

You can find the exact service levels that we ask you adhere to when selling ProtectMyOrder on Our Promise page

In the same way that airlines don’t have insurance licenses for selling priority boarding, you don’t need an insurance license to sell a premium resolution service

Will fraud increase?

Across hundreds of thousands of orders per month, we have not seen fraud increase.

It seems that the honest consumers remain honest, and the fraudsters continue well ... being fraudsters. Karma will catch ‘em one day.

How do I get set up?

If you are on Shopify, follow the below steps (takes less than 5 mins)

  • Download our Shopify app
  • Fill in our request installation form
  • Accept our collaborator access request
  • We will set ProtectMyOrder up on a draft theme
  • Check that you are happy with the design and flow
  • We'll push you livee

If you are not on Shopify, drop us an email or ping us on live chat and we will give you an estimation. We have an API that we can integrate into any platform. All integrations are free!

How is the price of protection calculated?

There are two ways of setting prices:

Manual pricing: Go into settings of our app and amend the price rules to whatever you’d like.

Intelligent pricing: We have an intelligent pricing algorithm that split tests different prices and designs automatically. Our tests balance revenue, opt-in rates and conversion rate to make sure there is no money being left on the table, and that you aren’t charging so much that you are putting them off purchasing.

Why can't I build this myself?

As we take 19.99% of the protection revenue, we only have to be 19.99% better than you and you will make more money letting us take care of everything.

For example, if you build this yourself and set the price too low, you are leaving money on the table. If you set the price too high, then you may be causing checkout conversion to suffer.

Our intelligent pricing tool automatically finds the best design and price for your shipping protection policy. We can test hundreds of different prices and designs to find the optimal set up.

We are a team of 4 people who spend 10,000 hours a year optimising shipping protection offerings. We have 70+ brands using our technology with hundreds of thousands of orders processed per month. We're pretty good at this!

There's also no upfront cost or headache of instructing your developers to build your own version.

You'll make more money, it'll take you 10 minutes, and there's zero hassle.

I don't think my products are a good fit

The type of product has surprisingly little correlation with opt-in rates

Our customers sell a wide variety of products: dog collars, dresses, supplements, furniture and handlebars!

Across all of these verticals, there is not one that stands out for having exceptionally high or low opt-in rates.

People buy ProtectMyOrder because they, as a consumer, are concerned about shipping and the quality of the customer service if something goes wrong. UPS can lose any package, regardless of the type of product inside. It's less about the type of product they sell, and more about their previous experiences shopping online.

They may also not know what the merchant's customer service levels are. Seeing ProtectMyOrder, they know they are going to be dealt with well if anything happens.

Can you protect orders on my behalf?

Yes, we can. Pro Protect is designed for exactly this scenario. Here’s a step-by-step on how it works:

  • Firstly, we retain the protection income that your customers purchase
  • Then, when customers have a delivery problem, they submit their information via a portal branded with your logo
  • Our team will review that information and approve or deny claims based on the evidence submitted
  • If approved, we will compensate the full retail value of the order to your customer. This can either be a full refund to their bank account, or we will reship the item to your customer by automatically placing a new order on Shopify or whichever e-commerce platform you are using.

Pro Protect is free to use and you may be eligible to receive a share of the protection income we collect depending on the profile of your business.

Find out more about Pro Protect or you can speak to us about getting set up

Should I use Pro Protect or Self Protect?

All those in favour of Pro Protect

Companies that find the most value in Pro Protect are ones that struggle with delivery customer service, either all year round or during peak periods.

Pro Protect is a streamlined way of outsourcing repetitive customer service queries to us whilst eliminating the cost of lost, stolen and damaged packages.

When a customer has a delivery problem, they submit them via our resolution portal (branded to your store) and our customer service agents deal with the issues, approving or denying claims based on the evidence.

All those in favour of Self Protect:

Self Protect is best suited to merchants who can easily handle their customer service queries and want to retain control of the customer interactions.

The merchant keeps all of the delivery protection revenue which usually increases annual net profit by 10-20%. The merchant is responsible for running their own a/b tests on both the aesthetic of the widget and the cost of the protection.

What happens when there is an issue with delivery?

If there is an issue with a delivery, the merchant promises to deliver a premium level of support for customers. The exact level level of service is laid out in full on our promise page.

Watch the video below to find out what your customers get when they buy ProtectMyOrder

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