How Goodwin Smith generated £3.7K in extra net profit through ProtectMyOrder over Christmas

January 22, 2024
Idries Erfan


of their customers purchase ProtectMyOrder


generated in net profit through ProtectMyOrder over Christmas (on track to generate ~£15K - £20K per year)

The history

Goodwin Smith is a footwear brand owned by a father and son duo. Tim’s dad has been in footwear for over 30 years and Tim joined him about 12 years ago. The focus was to go online and build up a brand through social media. They started two brands Goodwin Smith (a premium brand) and Redfoot shoes (a value proposition brand). ProtectMyOrder is used by both brands

The problem

  • Difficulty claiming with couriers: Courier companies have become more stringent and reject a lot of claims. If the tracking says delivered and the courier has geo data but the customer says they haven’t received it, a lot of the time the courier will not pay out a claim.
  • If the courier rejected a claim, often Goodwin Smith would not reimburse the customer, this resulted in poor customer service and dissatisfaction
  • This would also cause further negative impact with customers escalating complaints on social media and review sites
  • Revenue and profit margin pressure: The first half of 2023 presented revenue and profit challenges for Goodwin Smith. In an industry with tight margins, any additional revenue and profit were crucial for sustaining the business and paying their team.

The solution

Goodwin Smith decided they wanted to start upselling delivery protection to their customers at checkout

How it works

  • For a small additional fee consumers can opt in to ProtectMyOrder. This service ensures consumers that they will receive compensation when a courier rejects a claim and offers a higher level of customer service with faster issue resolutions in case of delivery problems. By offering this service, Goodwin Smith accumulates a fund that allows them to provide more generous compensation to customers (Anything left over goes straight to the bottom line)
  • They still resolve all delivery claims themselves
  • They keep 91% of the delivery protection revenue

Simple setup process:

  • They installed the Shopify app and ProtectMyOrder setup the widget on a draft theme.
  • The widget was then pushed out to the live theme and they quickly started getting tangible results.
  • Setup was complete within a few hours

Here is what the widget looks like in their cart:

Intelligent pricing

Goodwin Smith uses ProtectMyOrder’s intelligent pricing feature to maximise the revenue they generate through delivery protection whilst maintaining checkout conversion rates. Intelligent pricing runs thousands of A/B tests on pricing to figure out the optimum price point for delivery protection. This can involve setting different prices based on the cart contents and even the time of day. Intelligent pricing has helped them generate 92% more profit compared to using static pricing

The results

  • £3.7K in net profit over the Christmas shopping period (to put that into perspective, this is equivalent to £37K in product revenue)
  • Goodwin Smith is on track to generate £15K - £20K per year in net profit through the app
  • 66% of their customers purchase ProtectMyOrder, signalling a huge vote of confidence in the value of this added service
  • No increase in the number of delivery issues/claims made by consumers
  • No customer complaints

Tim, director of Goodwin Smith, would 10/0 recommend ProtectMyOrder to other merchants. See what he thinks about ProtectMyOrder below:

“It’s great when you can add things on and they help you increase your sales and your profits, but the process has also been really simple and it’s not caused an issues”

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