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Delivery problems ruin online shopping. Get compensated instantly if your order gets lost, damaged or stolen

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How it works

You purchase protection at checkout

Delivery issue

Your package is stolen from your front garden! You contact the merchant’s customer service asking for help

Fast-tracked and generous service

You are prioritised ahead of other customers and are offered a more generous resolution e.g. reship or refund (the merchant publishes the exact details of their policy on their website)


You are provided compensation e.g. a refund, reship or discount code

Not happy with a merchants resolution?

If the merchant has not adhered to their ProtectMyOrder policy you can report them here. If the merchant fails to adhere to their ProtectMyOrder policy more than 3 times within 6 months, they will not be allowed to show the ProtectMyOrder widget at checkout

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Delivery doesn't always go as planned

Orders get stolen or lost

1 in 10 people had an order lost or stolen from 2021-2022 in the UK. Why play roulette with your online purchases?

Orders get damaged

This Evri driver took a photo of a parcel in mid air as “proof of delivery” ... It’s no surprise that almost nine million UK shoppers have received a damaged online order